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How is Enzo & Cass' main roster run doing?

It's been almost two weeks since Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady were finally moved from NXT to Raw & SmackDown. For a long time now, the Realest Guys in the Room have been tabbed as future breakout stars on the main roster. Which is why followers of the Orlando-based brand could never decide which was more amazing - that they never won the NXT tag titles, or why they remained on Wednesdays nights for so long?

Both those questions lead to fans wondering if there was something we didn't know holding the New York/New Jersey duo back. So while it's way too early to pronounce sentence on their futures with the larger WWE Universe, it's worth checking in... and, pointless speculation is half the fun of the internet anyway, right?

Crowd reaction has obviously been positive. The powers-that-be were smart to roll them out in front of the post-WrestleMania crowd on April 4, and with a nice run of big cities likely to have large numbers of NXT viewers in the audience. More than just the pop, the volume at which you can hear the fans reciting Zo's entrance promo with them is a product of this.

Over on YouTube, an increasingly important part of WWE's business model, the boys are doing pretty good. Their debut match from last week's SmackDown has the second most views of any clips from that show. Their gabfest from the April 11 Raw is in the middle of the pack, but they're not listed in the title and it's still pushing a million views, so... not too shabby.

Possibly the best sign is their dominating performance in a poll about who will win the Booty-O's #1 contender tournament. Votes at the company website can point to how the mainstream is feeling - look at the reportedly legitimate Slammy wins like Neville over Kevin Owens or the Usos over New Day for proof they're not dominated by so-called internet smarks. That Enzo & Cass are basically lapping the field is definitely a good sign for their future (as of Saturday, April 16 at 9PM Eastern):

Enzo & Cass 55%
The Usos 26%
The Dudleyz 9%
The Golden Truth 6%
The Vaudevillains 3%
The Ascension 1%

Compared to their fellow NXT call-ups Aiden English & Simon Gotch, who can't get past a team that both didn't even really enter the tournament and that they then eliminated the pair who did, looks like the Smacktalker Skywalker and his 7 Foot friend are doing just fine.

Two weeks in, how do you think they're doing? Do you see the tag titles in their future? If so, when?

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