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Let's watch Kevin Owens trolling in the desert!

In our live report of Thursday's "Dune Bash" house show, we described a scene that got over big with the WWE fans in Dubai. It apparently wasn't the only thing Kevin Owens has been up to while working the United Arab Emirates with rivals Sami Zayn and AJ Styles, however.

The bit we already told you about occurred while working with AJ Styles on Thursday. Kevin Owens yells at a kid in the crowd, letting the rest of the audience now he hits like a girl, but still harder than the Phenomenal One. Which of course, is the set-up to his getting flattened by an AJ punch.

See it here:

Even more devious - and successful, in kayfabe - is this ploy from yesterday's match with Sami. Considering WWE's injury bug and the internet's thirst for breaking news about same, Owens coming up limp probably got a few fans thinking.

It at least gave him an opening to punch Zayn several times:

Best in the business, ladies and germs.

H/T: DTAM on Twitter

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