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The Queen of Hug Style: Shinsuke Nakamura has been drawn into the war between Bayley and Sasha Banks

If you only know the story of Bayley and Sasha Banks' epic rivalry for the NXT Women's championship, you only know part of the story. And I'm not talking about their UpUpDownDown Mortal Kombat showdown, either.

The two "Four Horsewomen" are very possesive about Danilo Anfibio, the dashing Italian referee who officiated both their classic TakeOver: Brooklyn bout and the Iron Man rematch at Respect.

And it's become a bigger issue since Banks moved to the main roster...

Sasha and her "big bro" Danny seem to be particularly close,

and after the signing of Shinsuke Nakamura, The Boss and the King of Strong Style bonded over, among other things, their mutual admiration for Anfibio's always immaculatedly groomed eyebrows.

As you can imagine, a chance to Facetime with her two NXT pals while touring in Italy was a nice treat for Sasha:

A treat that seems to have been foiled by the Hugster moving in on another of her male friends:

The great thing about this whole aspect of their rivalry is how it turns The Boss into the good girl being tormented by her frenemy from afar. Bayley does annoyingly mischievous (with a side of "I will take everything you love just like that title") really well for a babyface.

Maybe Sasha just needs to stick to her main roster besties...

I mean, he's pretty cool and just as #MMMGORGEOUS.

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