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Here's the botched move that made everyone scared AJ Styles was hurt at SmackDown

WWE was in San Diego for its SmackDown taping this week and some fans at the show gave fans who weren't at the show a scare when they sent reports out that AJ Styles may have suffered an injury. They indicated he was spiked on his head or neck on a botched spot during his match with Alberto Del Rio. Thankfully, it turned out Styles was fine and he's currently on tour overseas, still wrestling matches like he was scheduled to.

SmackDown aired tonight on USA Network, however, and WWE even uploaded the video of the spot in question, and it's clear why fans thought he was injured. It appears they're going for an inverted superplex when somehow Styles' legs get caught up and he doesn't get full rotation, landing on his head/neck.

It's at 0:35 of the above video, for those who want to skip right to the awful bump.


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