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League of Nations break up may be coming soon

It would seem King Barrett's abrupt dismissal recently was the beginning of the end.

Indeed, the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) reports the League of Nations, the rag tag crew consisting of Sheamus, Rusev, and Alberto Del Rio, will likely be breaking up here soon. It's unclear exactly when but Dave Meltzer reports the key people have been told and that's where things are headed.

All things considered, it makes sense.

The group came together out of nowhere and seemingly for no reason other than the fact that the four original members had no real creative direction to speak of. Sheamus was coming out of a main event program with Roman Reigns over the WWE world heavyweight championship where he was only there to get the title to Reigns. Rusev was floating around aimlessly with reports of heat on his girlfriend, Lana, swirling over his head at every turn. King Barrett has had injury issues but wasn't doing anything otherwise. Alberto Del Rio came in hot with a United States championship victory over John Cena but quickly got lost in the shuffle after dropping that title to Kalisto.

That doesn't give much confidence for what's to come once they do break up, but they can't stay together forever, right?

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