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WWE confirms Bray Wyatt injury

It's light on details, but WWE is confirming the live fan reports that Bray Wyatt was injured during his match with Roman Reigns in Milan, Italy on Wednesday, April 13.

Bray Wyatt suffered a right calf injury on Wednesday, has learned.

Though it's impossible to tell from the information provided, and medical officials are likely still working on their official diagnosis, specifying the calf indicates it's muscular. But that still leaves us with a range of possibilities from a strain which could put Wyatt on the shelf for a week to a tear which would sideline him for months.

Bray is the second member of his stable to fall to injury, with Luke Harper already recovering from knee surgery (although, curiously, WWE chose to never publicly address that). This is also the third year in a row a major star has been injured on a European tour, following Daniel Bryan's concussion in 2014 and Seth Rollins' knee last year. is promising more more updates, and we'll send along details as we have them.

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