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Gallows and Anderson attack some local talent before SmackDown - where are we going with WWE's 'Bullet Club'?

After jumping the barricade to destroy the Usos on Monday Night Raw, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows retreated into the crowd while Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and JBL screamed questions in between dropping phrases like "Bullet Club" and "IWGP Heavyweight Tag Champs" designed to work internet wrestling fans into a frenzy.

Last night in San Diego, during a segment which occurred before the official SmackDown taping began, the duo jumped some local talent:

A video posted by Lloyd Bravo (@lloydbravo) on

#karlanderson and #lukegallows right before @wwe #Smackdown tapings began! #wrestling #awesome #BulletClub

Then they grabbed some mics. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find video of their promo, but reports say they declared no one is safe now that they've arrived... which got heat from the crowd and has a lot of fans excited about the possibilities for an invasion-type angle.

What's the end game? Last night's occurrences send mixed messages.

These actions, along with what happened on Raw, seem to indicate this is more than just a new tag team debuting. A series of attacks on different wrestlers after matches will only fuel speculation that Anderson and Gallows are point men for a larger plot, and faction, trying to shake up WWE. The way commentary greeted them on Monday was designed to make both folks who watched them in New Japan and those who never watch anything but Raw think they were part of something bigger.

But the above video wasn't set-up as a televised segment, so it could be misdirection - as could everything Cole & company shouted a couple nights ago. Neither of their Bullet Club allies, NXT champ Finn Bálor or #1 contender to the WWE title AJ Styles, have been mentioned. In fact, the time since their debut is the quietest  Bálor's been on social media for months. Doc & Karl could start a feud with the Usos and slot right into a growing tag division next time we see them on screen.

What do you think happens next with the former Bullet Club duo, Cagesiders?

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