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AJ Styles scares the internet at SmackDown taping, is also not injured

An abrupt finish to his match with Alberto Del Rio at Tuesday night's SmackDown taping in San Diego (FYI - spoilers at that link) and some post-match selling started a chain of worry around the world wide web about AJ Styles' health - and specifically his neck - last night.

Fortunately, signs point to this being the latest example of a phenomena we discussed yesterday when it happened with KalistoWrestling Inc reports the bout went as planned and the Phenomenal One holding his neck while he walked up the ramp was all part of the performance.

The man himself seemed to confirm this when asked by a fan concerned about the money he'd spent to see him in the United Arab Emirates this week (without a whole lot of concern for AJ's well-being, but it can be hard to get across all your concerns in a Tweet):

Looks like his match with Roman Reigns for Payback is still on, and we can all await the Twitter injury reports from Milan later today.

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