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Brian Christopher talks about the time Shawn Michaels told him to stop using the superkick

Most wrestlers will tell you that you have to protect your finisher. The former WWF tag team champion recalls when he got stopped in an elevator by Mr. WrestleMania and told to find a different move.

DALLAS -- During WrestleMania weekend, Brian Christopher and Scotty 2 Hotty -- former WWE Tag Team Champions Too Cool -- made appearances at Wrestlecon. While talking to Christopher, he related a story about one of his first meetings with Shawn Michaels -- who he said was "probably the greatest wrestler that I've ever seen."

"I will tell you this. I started wrestling in 1988, down in the Memphis area. By around 1990, I had started doing the superkick as my finish. You know what I'm saying? So I've been doing this for like 11 years, or even longer.

Anyway, I get to WWE and I do it in one of my matches. I go to the hotel that night and I get on the elevator. Right as the door's about to close, somebody stops it. Who do you think it was? Right. So [Shawn Michaels] gets in. [laughs]

He might have pulled the [emergency brake]. Somehow, he made the elevator just stay there. So now he calls me out, right? He says, "So you are doing the superkick in your matches as a highspot?" I said, "Well, not as a highspot, I've been doing it as my finish for a long time." He said, "Oh. Well, you no longer do that for a finish." [laughs]

So I had to come up with something new. So I came up with the Hip-Hop Drop off the top rope. That was actually better, right? Because it had its own name. The Hip-Hop Drop. And I'm gonna give a shout-out to the man that I had my move -- Tennessee Jam? Remember when it was the Tennessee Jam? Bobby Eaton, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton, with the Alabama Jam, is where I came up with that Tennessee Jam."

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