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Every name we've ever called Braun Strowman

WARNING: Explicit language ahead.

If you've been following Cageside Seats for some time now, you're familiar with our absolute hatred for referring to Adam Scherr by the name he was given for his character on WWE television, Braun Strowman. This has as much to do with his unique look as it does his actual name.

Our friend Matt Fowler of IGN once called him "Monsterballs McBigPerson" and that was all the inspiration we needed. Here we have a list compiled by Andrew Swift of every name we've ever called him on Cageside Live and a couple from Twitter. There are more, surely, but this list will do:

  • BigAss McShitKicker
  • Braunman Logjam
  • BigAssBastard NamedAdam
  • BigStrong McDickCheese
  • BigMan
  • Brong Strongman
  • ScaredAss McShitsHisPants
  • Ol' BigDick McShitKick
  • Strow Man
  • BigAss McNeedsABath
  • StrongGuy McHardBody
  • Old LargeHuge McHeartAbuse
  • BigAss McHungryAsShit
  • DirtyBeard McHungryEyes
  • Ol Dumb Dumbs
  • The Odor of Destruction
  • You Dirty Fucking Giant Baby
  • Dumb Dumb McBigAsShit
  • BigCuddle McToddlerFace
  • HugeAss McDumbAsShit
  • Braun Strowman
  • Ol' BeefTits McMeatSlab
  • PubeBeard McProbablyHasCrabs
  • DirtyBeard McAssStain
  • Big Ol Bears (in reference to the entire Wyatt Family)
  • KindEyes McChesticles
  • HugeFuck WhoLooksLikeABaby
  • Ol' BrownPants McShitStains
  • BrownStains McPullUps
  • Ol' DumbDumb McBigAsShit
  • Ol' HugeAss McNeedsABath
  • LargeAss McTubOfShit
  • Girthy McBigPants
  • GiantMan WhoLooksLikeABaby
  • McKindEyes
  • BigArms McSadEyes
  • HugeBalls McBigPerson (Geno shouting out Matt Fowler's original)
  • FrankenCheese BabyBeard
  • BigAss McStrongMan
  • Son of HugeBalls McHomerBlaster
  • SmallShirt McBigBastard
  • ToddlerFace McDickSmasher

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