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Curtis Axel leading a bunch of reading contest winning kids in the Social Outcasts' victory lap is the best thing you'll see today

Curtis Axel on Twitter

Who cares if you call them "jobbers". Doesn't matter if they're faces or heels. I'm just happy #SocialOutcasts are a thing.

Sure, they serve an important purpose on WWE television. They're multi-function "carpenters". But it's also great that four talented but not superstar-talented dudes have both a role and a way to showcase their skills.

Everybody probably has their own Social Outcasts power rankings (no? really? I'm the only one who does that?). My bottom three fluctuate. I've been a Bo-liever since before Dallas won the NXT title. Heath Slater's been the man since Legends were kicking his ass. The Radical Mongoose is a sublimely ridiculous nickname to give yourself, and whatever his gimmick, Adam Rose's spinebuster keeps him on my list.

But #1 for me will always be former Intercontinental champ (and McGillicutty) Curtis Axel. The Axe Man is a great worker who over the course of the past year has finally found a way to let his awkwardly goofy charisma work for him.

I'm still upset his karate chop noise didn't make it onto a t-shirt.

Anyway, several of the things that make Mr. Perfect's boy and his new faction great are on display in a couple videos Axel shared via Twitter this weekend. Visiting a school to promote one of WWE's educational philanthropy efforts (the WrestleMania Reading Challenge, I guess? He doesn't specify), he celebrated their accomplishment by loading them aboard the Bo-Train for a #SocialOutcasts pre-match victory lap.

Don't stop Bo-lieving.


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