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Undertaker reportedly pulled from all European tour dates
UPDATE: SWERVE! He's actually going to appear on a couple shows.

The Undertaker retirement rumors were already flying around, thanks to reports he was telling folks backstage at WrestleMania his Hell in a Cell with Shane McMahon was his last match, and then his being removed from a couple of dates on the April European tour.

Now, Wrestling Observer reports he's been pulled from the last two appearances he had scheduled - a SmackDown taping in London and a house show the next night in Newcastler. And the whispers that the Dead Man is hanging them up will only get louder.

It's possible, but unlikely, he was only ever listed to sell tickets, but when as high profile a star as Taker is advertised and then removed - especially when promotion is centered on his performing, as the Newcastle date was - they often choose to offer refunds, making the value of listing him with the "card subject to change" caveat minimal.

As of this writing, Undertaker is still listed on the events pages for both the London and Newcastle shows. Official word will tell us a lot more about his future.

Until then, we're left with the rumors.

Stay tuned.

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