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Bray Wyatt wants to reset his character, is just happy you care about his WrestleMania 32 status

Bray Wyatt was a guest on Cheap Heat's latest episode and considering his murky status for WrestleMania 32 this Sun., April 3, 2016, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, not to mention the general lack of direction for The Wyatt Family altogether, you might assume he's frustrated.

He's not ... not really

.When asked about not having a role or a big moment against one of the big stars:

"How do you know I'm not?"

Fair enough.

"That's what I love about it. I've explained this in 30 different ways 30 times this morning but the thing is, it's become the billion dollar question: Where am I? What am I doing? It's been such a cool honor to kind of understand that people care. They care that much to where they want to know what I'm doing and they're upset and rioting over it or whatever. To me, that's been the coolest part of this. That's the real reward, bro, you know? I'm happy about that."

That does not mean, however, that he's necessarily happy with the development of his character. In fact, he wants to take a step back to an earlier day when the possibilities were endless:

"A reset, for me, is what I want. I have so much more, like going back to the woods or wherever the new place would be, and kind of recapturing that moment. That was the whole message of those first vignettes. They were shot in daylight on purpose. The idea was that monsters are real and they walk among you in the daylight. We're not hiding in the dark or back alleyways but they're real and they live with you. The real monsters are human. Don't fear the boogeyman, fear your neighbor."

Anyone want to argue with that?

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