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The New Day talks about how much gyrating they can get away with

The current WWE tag team champions say they have a lot of creative control. The fun comes in pushing the boundaries.

On Friday morning, The New Day talked to Brian Fritz of the Between the Ropes podcast. They had a lot to say (a whole LOT to say and you can see that full, lengthy interview above), but one of the biggest takeaways was them talking about how much creative control they have. In particular, Big E talked about pushing the limits of his unbelievably lewd gyrating:

"What I've found is that I really enjoy being subversive and we have such a long leash that I like pushing it to see how far we can go. No one is telling us to stop doing these things. So I don't know what the line is but I like trying to put my foot near it and trying to figure out where it is. After doing what I did on live events and no one saying anything ... I can't go much further without ... "

Here's hoping the New Day continue gyrating for a very, very long time.

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