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Noelle Foley says she's training to be a WWE wrestler (video)

WWE is back in the Foley business.

Starting with Mick's return to give Dean Ambrose a pep talk, leading into an appearance on the Stone Cold Podcast and really taking off this Summer with the debut of Holy Foley, a new 'reality' show on WWE Network, expect to see a lot of Mrs. Foley's baby boy and his whole clan around the 'E.

It was plugging the new show on Steve Austin's interview program last night that Mick's daughter, Noelle, revealed she'll be training to do more than just interview folks like she does in her various online gigs. She told Stone Cold she's "training to become a Diva".

That statement could cover a lot of things, especially if reports that the term will be phased out of the in-ring product shortly are correct. But Foley and Austin's discussion of it did portray it as a move into wrestling and not just the spokesmodeling and public relations type of work Brie Bella is supposed to transition to after WrestleMania.

Guess we'll have to tune in to Holy Foley this August to find out.

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