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WWE Network Roundup (Mar. 22-31): Daniel Bryan, Sting, Ride Along, RAW Roulette

Happy Wrestlemania weekend! If you're a new subscriber to the WWE Network, then you'll probably need this feature. Every week and a half or so, I'll run down everything that's new on the streaming service, and once in a while, I'll recommend some viewing material. Not this time around though. Next time, I promise.

DISCLAIMER: I am not compensated in any way by WWE for providing this feature, nor is this to be considered an official endorsement of content on the WWE Network. This is simply done as a service to Cageside Seats, the best wrestling community in the galaxy.

The Usual Stuff

  • RAW #1187 from February 22 has only one thing you really totally have to be interested in: the return of Shane McMahon to WWE.
  • Smackdown #862 from February 25 features the weird triumvirate of AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, and Mark Henry takng on the New Day, Dolph Ziggler, Neville, and the Lucha Dragons take on the Leage of Nations, and Big Show against Kevin Owens.
  • RAW #1188 from February 29 features Sasha Banks taking on Becky Lynch for a Divas Championship match, Y2AJ take on New Day, and Dean Ambrose takes on Alberto Del Rio. And Undertaker is nobody's bitch.
  • Main Event #180 from March 8 features Tyler Breeze taking Zack Ryder, Ryback against Bo Dallas, and Paige and Natalya versus what's left of Team B.A.D.
  • NXT #326 from March 23 features a look at Shinsuke Nakamura, and Asuka-Emma II: Electric Boogaloo. Plus THEGREASERFINN, no dimes drawn Elias Samson, and poor Bull Dempsey.
  • NXT #327 features Bull Dempsey's final match as he takes on Samoa Joe, plus a look at the NXT Womens Championship match between Bayley and Asuka at Takeover: Dallas.
  • A new Superstars features Tyler Breeze versus Jack Swagger and US Champion Kalisto taking on Konnor of the Ascension in a non-title match.

Original Stuff

  • Beyond the Ring returns with Sting: Into the Light, the documentary produced by WWE late last year. It's a look at his career (minus that time he was in TNA, obviously), plus a look behind the scenes at Sting's first Wrestlemania appearance.
  • WWE 24 also returns with "Thank You, Daniel", a look at Daniel Bryan's final day as a professional wrestler.
  • Legends with JBL has the artist formerly known as Bradshaw sitting with the artist formerly known as Dok Hendrix, Michael Hayes.
  • A new Ride Along travels through California as Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are chased by fans, and Paige and Alicia Fox create diva hijinks.
  • Just in time for Wrestlemania, Stone Cold Steve Austin sits down with the king of hardcore, Mick Foley for a brand new Stone Cold Podcast.

Replays and Stuff

  • RAW December 30, 2001: Well, this is unexpected: a clip show. It's a look back at 2001 in the WWF.
  • RAW January 21, 2002: The fallout from Royal Rumble features Triple H teaming with the Rock (huh?) against Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle, William Regal defends the Intercontinental title against Edge, and Vince McMahon's about to do something he'll regret.
  • RAW January 28, 2002: Welp, the nWo is coming, you guys, and everybody's on edge. Plus Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle fight for a title shot at No Way Out, and Triple H takes on Booker T.
  • RAW February 4, 2002: Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock team up to face The Undertaker and Chris Jericho, Trish Stratus defends the WWF Women's Championship against Jazz, Stephanie McMahon throws a hail mary to save her marriage, and Vince is super serial, you guys: the nWo is coming.
  • RAW February 11, 2002: Triple H and Stephanie renew their wedding vows. What could possibly go wrong? Plus Stone Cold Steve Austin takes on the Undertaker.
  • RAW March 11, 2002: With Wrestlemania X8 just six days away, the nWo takes on Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in a handicap match, Lita and Trish Stratus face Stacy Keibler and Jazz, and Vince McMahon faces the Board of Directors.
  • RAW September 23, 2002: Triple H and Ric Flair take on Bubba Ray Dudley and Rob Van Dam, plus Trish Stratus defends the Womens Championship in a triple threat match against Victoria and Molly Holly. Plus the RAW debut of Randy Orton.
  • RAW October 7, 2002: Raw Roulette! Featuring a four-team TLC match for the World Tag Team Championship. And... Katie Vick.
  • RAW December 16, 2002: Incorrectly listed as December 26, 2002. This episode features a Triple H appreciation ceremony. What could possibly go wrong? Plus Chris Jericho takes on Booker T and Ass Cream for Christmas.
  • RAW December 23, 2002: The 500th episode of RAW. And it's the Christmas show. And your main event: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler versus Lance Storm and William Regal. Plus the tag titles are on the line. Merry Christmas.
  • RAW December 30, 2002: Clip show. Jonathan Coachman and Terri run down the best of 2002 on a special edition of RAW.
  • RAW March 10, 2003: Eric Bischoff looks to make nice with Steve Austin, and The Rock's in action against... Gregory "Hurricane" Helms.
  • RAW March 31, 2003: The fallout from Wrestlemania XIX begins, featuring the debut of Goldberg. Plus a shocking announcement on Steve Austin's future.
  • RAW May 5, 2003: Stone Cold's first day as co-general manager of RAW, and he's making moves. Plus Goldberg takes on Christian, and Jazz defends the women's title against Trish Stratus. Also Kevin Nash and Triple H brawl for like a really, really, really long time, you guys.
  • RAW June 16, 2003: La Resistance defends the World Tag Team Championship against Rob Van Dam and Kane, and speaking of Kane, both Triple H and Stone Cold have a proposal for him.
  • RAW July 21, 2003: Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho face off in a Wrestlemania XIX rematch, Triple H is declared next, and Kane and Rob Van Dam face off in the main event, but it's someone else that's in the crosshairs of the Big Red Machine.
  • RAW August 11, 2003: Goldberg takes on Ric Flair, Jim Ross wants to sue Eric Bischoff, and Molly Holly defends the women's title in a three-way against Gail Kim and Trish Stratus.
  • RAW October 13, 2003: Rob Van Dam defends the Intercontinental title against Scott Steiner, USA versus Canada (sort of) in a tables match, a six-woman sudden death match, and not even a hospital bed can keep Kane down. Plus Stacy Keibler no like beer for some reason.
  • RAW October 27, 2003: Now that Batista's taken out Goldberg, Triple H is the World Heavyweight Champion. Right? Right? Right? Plus RVD and Chris Jericho in a cage, a cage, a cage, a four-way #1 contender's match for the women's title, and Shane McMahon's in a no-DQ match against a player to be determined.
  • RAW November 24, 2003: It's Raw Roulette 2, featuring the first ever women's steel cage match in WWE history.
  • RAW December 8, 2003: Goldberg defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Kane in a lumberjack match, Christian and Chris Jericho try to make nice with two WWE Divas, and Mick Foley begins a grassroots effort to bring back Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Look for a special edition of the Network Roundup in the next few days, highlighting Wrestlemania Week. And whatever else they feel like uploading.

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