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WWE is Dean Ambrose's company now

"I don't put this stuff together. I just come out here and I do what I do every single night: lay it all on the line, every single night. You know the way I think? He says he's the 'King of Kings' and he thinks this is his company, I feel like this is my company, all right? I'm the guy that's on the road 300 days a year, I'm doing this in every single town, SmackDown, Raw, all over the world, pay-per-view, special events like Roadblock on the Network; I'm out there going against everybody in the world, everything you throw on my plate -- I want to fight Brock Lesnar, I want to fight Triple H, I fight my own best friend, Roman Reigns. I do it all. These people see that. He might be the COO, Vince McMahon might own this company, but this is my company now. This is my company now, and on Saturday at Roadblock you will show me that respect."

Where is the lie?

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