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Total Divas viewers down again despite hugely dramatic scooter story

Last night's (Mar. 8, 2016) episode of Total Divas had three main story arcs, one of which was given the most promotional play: Paige breaking up with her boyfriend, Rosa Mendes getting into it with her husband over eating habits during her pregnancy, and Nikki Bella getting irrationally angry at her sister Brie for purchasing a scooter.

Naturally, they focused on the scooter story, even teasing a crash in commercials over the past week. This was the response to a series low in viewers, 591,000 for last week's show.

The result? A drop to 580,000 viewers.

The decline continues:

Ep. 1: 1.15 million
Ep. 2: 939,000 
Ep. 3: 840,000
Ep. 4: 810,000
Ep. 5: 808,000
Ep. 6: 777,000
Ep. 7: 591,000
Ep. 8: 580,000

Get a full recap of the latest episode here.

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