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Kevin Owens on potential AJ Styles match: He needs to get a decent haircut first

Kevin Owens was interviewed by The Mirror in the UK recently and was asked about early speculation regarding his working a match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania. Based on television, it certainly doesn't look like that will be the case but Owens isn't interested anyway.

Because Styles needs to get a decent haircut.

"...I feel like AJ is not on my level. He's got to cut his teeth in WWE a little before he can even think about coming after somebody like me. He's just got here, he's pretty new and he's a bit of a rookie. I feel like I've been showing the WWE Universe for nine, 10 months my superiority and how dominating I am as an Intercontinental Champion. I was NXT Champion and I have accomplished so much more than he has. I feel like before he can even think about coming after me he needs to get a decent haircut first of all, then get a couple of victories in WWE. Then I'll entertain the idea of maybe stepping into the ring with him, when I feel he deserves to be in there with me."

Hey, AJ's haircut is not that ba...




Even if they aren't scheduled to wrestle anytime soon, it will happen eventually and that will be a great day indeed, bad haircut or not.

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