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Why Vince McMahon dislikes the dirt sheets

Ethan Miller/Getty Images


It's the spoilers.

From his interview with the Orlando Sentinel, while discussing the recent return of his son, Shane McMahon, and how it was kept under wraps:

"...It's difficult to hold something like that but if you can, the audience loves it. It's one of the reasons why I'll always be anti-some members of the media, so-called dirt sheets or whatever it is. I've always disliked them. Not because of their voice and certainly not because of their opinion. No one respects the First Amendment more than me. Their opinions, negative or positive, they're entitled to. I've always appreciated that because, quite frankly, some of the things I've learned from. I learn from everybody. It's that they want to be a spoiler. No! No! Don't spoil this. Don't spoil it for the public. But I know that's a part of their job too."

It's certainly fair for a man whose business, in part, is surprising his fan base to get upset at media who spoil said surprises but, as he indicates, that's simply the nature of reporting news. We can debate for days whether spoilers have any actual effect on a fan's enjoyment of a story but either way, this is the best answer Vince could have possibly given, all things considered.

Now we can just wonder what opinions he's read that he's learned from.

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