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WWE reportedly opening a physical Hall of

It's been a wish list item for a lot of fans and some company executives for a while now - a physical Hall of Fame.

And according to an article in Attractions Magazine (H/T With Spandex), it will become a reality for WrestleMania 33 in Orlando... sort of.

There will be a building where you can go and see wrestling memorabilia, and possibly even plaques or other displays honoring the men & women who've been enshrined in Vince McMahon's club over the years. But it will also serve you food.

...the WWE attraction would incorporate some form of a physical Hall of Fame - displaying famous wrestling memorabilia of the promotion's legendary performers.

Similar in style to The World - WWE's former restaurant which occupied a prime spot in Times Square until its closure in 2003 - the restaurant element would incorporate WWE merchandise with a retail area, and multiple screens would show wrestling action while visitors eat their WWE-themed meals.

The company's latest attempt to get into the resturant business will occupy the location of another failed sports-themed eatery, NBA City. That, and their own track record with WWF New York/The World might indicate to some that this is a bad idea, but maybe the "Hall of Fame" hook is what was missing from previous attempts to make the concept work?

Orlando is already a tourist destination, so WWE shouldn't have to worry about attracting visitors by itself. And as their press conference announcing WrestleMania's return to the area reminded us multiple times, the company views the city - home to their Performance Center - as a second home.

Seems like a risky, but not indefensible, move. If this report is right, we'll start finding out if a WWE Hall of Fame restaurant is a winner in 2017.

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