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WWE Raw results, live blog (Mar. 7, 2016): Shane O'Mac is back!

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Mar. 7, 2016) from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming WrestleMania 32 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza scheduled for April 3 in Arlington, Texas.

Advertised for tonight: Shane McMahon returns, Y2AJ challenge New Day for the tag team titles, and Kevin Owens may or may not get his WrestleMania match. Plus, other stuff!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Geno here. See you tonight, folks.

SWERVE, you get Decker.

What's up, folks? Strap yourself in for three hours of Raw with us at Cageside. Sounds like the show is going to open with Shane O Mac so let's do this.


Then. Now. Forever.

A package plays about Vince's promo from last week.


"Here Comes the Money!"

Shane McMahon walks/dances to the ring. The crowd is hot for him. He says he was watching Raw last week and he saw the Undertaker, who he has a lot of respect for, but he lost respect for his father after what Vince said. Shane refers to Vince as an "egomaniacal old bastard" who's completely lost touch. This has all fueled Shane because it is his destiny to run Monday Night Raw.

That means no more Authority, backstabbing, or backstage politics. He refers to guys who have all the talent and get no breaks and guys who get all the breaks and have no talent. He reiterates that beating the Undertaker is his destiny.

A GONG! plays but it transitions "To No Chance" and Vince comes out to chorus of boos and "a-hole" chants.

Vince said that Shane had a look of fear in his eyes when that Gong played.

First CM Punk chant of the night. Vince mocks that it didn't go long.

Vince continues to talk about Shane's fear of facing Taker at Mania. He tells a story about the other night when he writing Shane out of his will when he found a picture of him and Shane as a young kid before they go to Shane's first WWE show. He displays the framed pictured, drops it, and steps on it since Shane is no longer with his son.

Vince says that Shane is just "Vince's son." He then tells Shane's sons will have to watch their father fail them. When Shane is being stretchered to the hospital after Hell in a Cell, Vince will embrace Shane's kids and tell them at least they have one father figure they can depend on.

He says that his "greatest creation" will put to rest his "greatest failure."

Vince calls for security to remove Shane O Mac. Security tries to remove Shane but Shane beats all four men up to the crowd's enjoyment. He leaves on his own.


Kevin Owens vs. Neville

Kevin Owens has early control of the match while trash talking the Brit. Neville turned fortune when he got the knees up on KO's running Senton. Neville goes for a dive out of the ring that Owens just totally sidesteps. Neville impressively lands on his feet but KO tosses him into the ring steps as we go to commercial.

Raw returns with KO back in control. KO misses one corner cannonball. He's able to regain control to go for another, but Neville side steps that one and hits him with a kick to the head. KO rolls outside but Neville climbs up and hits a SICK Shooting Star Press from the top rope to the outside on to Owens!

The match heats to both men exchanging top rope moves. Neville hits a sweet move from the top rope (not the Red Arrow) and KO kicks out a two and a half. Neville tries to leave to climb the ropes to go for the Red Arrow but KO grabs him, rolls him up, grabs the tights, and wins

Kevin Owens defeats Neville via pinfall

After the match, he attacks Neville as Neville is arguing with the ref. He sets up for the pop up powerbomb on the ring apron and....


Sami runs out and attacks Owens prior to Owens hitting the powebomb. The men fight into the ring and Sami gets his punches in! Owens tries to retreat, but Neville is on the apron meet KO with a kick in the head. Sami then clotheslines KO out of the ring and he and Neville shake hands in the ring.

Super awesome.


Video package of the Dean Ambrose/Triple H feud

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon thanks Dolph Ziggler for taking down an anti-Authority tweet tonight. Dolph reminds her about Survivor Series 2014, when he ousted the Authority, which she conveniently doesn't remember. The Zig Man tells her that history tends to repeat itself and it will when Shane takes power and ousts the Authority. She then puts him in a tag team elimination match against 3 members of the League of Nations. He will have no partners.


Brie Bella vs. Summer Rae

But first, Cole is really excited to set up a Total Divas clip where Nikki is angry about Brie buying a scooter!

Summer has control early until Brie catches Summer's kick and face plants her. She does the Bryan kicks, the Brie Mode knee, and goes for a cross body that Summer dodges.

Lana's music plays and she comes down wearing what I believe is all denim and a leather jacket (must be left over from her Ziggler phase). During the distraction, Summer rolls Brie up for the win.

Summer Rae defeats Brie via pinfall.

After the match, Lana gets in the rings and hits Brie with the X Factor that Brie will use.


Dean Ambrose comes out and talks about how he can screw up all the plans already in motions by winning the WWE title this weekend. He's going hijack the WWE Championship and hijack WrestleMania. He said that Triple H tried to teach Dean respect but failed. And now Triple H is going to have to respect him after he takes his title and becomes the face of his company.

He's going to make Triple H stand up and clap when he walks into a room. He's going to make Triple H buy him a suit (that he won't wear) and lapel pins (which he isn't sure what they are). But that's not for him. What's for him is being WWE Champions.

"King of Kings" plays and Triple H comes out in his suit and his smirk and stands on the entryway

Triple H says Dean has a fun little fantasy going. But that's not reality. Reality is that the WWE Title is going to stay with Triple H as long as Aitch wants. He thought that Dean Ambrose would know better and maybe he needs another trip the announce table. Dean say he'll take a trip to that announce table Saturday and hold his newly won title high. And then Triple H can suck it.

Trips says that Dean isn't a roadblock. He's just a speed bump or pot hole. He can see why Roman and Dean are friends because they're both hot heads to don't learn. He said it's time for Dean to stop the "delusional bit."

Dean retorts with the fact delusional got him this far, and he'd rather be delusional than whatever Triple H is. Trips says what he is is driven. Dean invites Triple H into the ring. But Triple H only fights on his time. And that's this Saturday. Tonight, Triple H is going to delegate. And tonight, Dean Ambrose goes up against Bray Wyatt.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus, Rusev, and Wade Barrett in an elimination match

Ziggler starts against Barrett, who gets the upper hand after Ziggler takes a swipe at Sheamus and Sheamus ducks and pulls Dolph's head against the ropes. This leads to all three of the League controlling Zigs. Their dominance lasts a while. A missed corner shoulder block by Barrett allows Dolph to get the upper hand. He eliminates Barrett via roll up.

Ziggler eliminates Barrett

Dolph is able to keep the other two off balance, but a kick to the head from Rusev outside the ring to when Dolph's head is between the first and second ropes leads to a Brough Kick from Sheamus. Sheamus picks up the win via pinfall.

The League of Nations defeats Dolph Ziggler


Replay of parts of the opening segment

They then play a video about the history of the in ring career of Shane McMahon.

Backstage, Becky and Sasha bicker about who would have won that match on SmackDown if it weren't for Charlotte interfering. This is prior to a match against Naomi and Tamina again.

Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks vs. Tamina and Naomi

Charlotte and Ric are watching at ringside.

Becky gets worked over early by Tamina. She is able to get a tag to Sasha, who is on fire. Tamina fights Becky on the outside as insidethe ring, Sasha hits the Bank Statement on Naomi, who taps out.

This was a super short match.

Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks defeat Tamina and Naomi

Charlotte attacks Sasha from behind and lays into her. Becky runs into the ring and meets the same fate.


Backstage R-Truth is dressed like a pizza guy and he delivers a pizza to Goldust. It looks like now R-Truth wants to be Goldust's partner but Goldust isn't having it. Goldust is upset because he's lactose intolerant and can't eat said pizza. Both men leave the pizza behind, which Mark Henry takes.

You read all of that correctly.


The New Day talks about how they are a real team. Big E said that they all have matching tattoos but the other two said that was a joke. Everyone, Big E may have a tattoo of a Unicorn on a rainbow on his hindquarters.

The New Day (c) vs. Y2AJ for the Tag Team Titles

The Chicago crowd is chanting loud for AJ Styles.

AJ and Jericho get control just prior to the commercial by hitting simultaneous body blocks over the top rope onto Big E and Kofi, while Xavier is unhappy watching.

Raw comes back from commercial with New Day in control. During the commercial, Xavier (who is not in this match) kicked Y2J in the head to give them the control. Jericho gets the Unicorn Stampede and the champs continue to work Chris.

Jericho is finally able to tag in AJ, who comes out hot against Kofi. He hits his Springboard Inverted DDT for a very near fall on Kofi. Big E makes a blind tag, which allows Big E to catch a springboarding AJ into the double team Big Ending. Kofi tries to block Jericho as E goes for the pin but Y2J pushes Kofi into E to break up the pin.

Jericho is tagged in and works on Kofi. He hits his Lionsault as AJ tags himself in for a springboard 450. He goes for the pin but Big E pulls Kofi out. After some back and forth action action, Y2J is back in the ring and locks Kofi in the Walls. Kingston makes his way to the ropes which Woods is pushing forward. Woods takes a forearm from AJ but AJ is driven into the barricade by E.

Big E tags Kofi while Kofi is in the Walls. Jericho goes for the Code Breaker but Big E straight up catches a dude, coverts it into the Big Ending, and hits it for the 1-2-3.

Dang, Big E is super strong.

The New Day defeat Y2AJ to retain their titles

Both AJ and Y2J are in the ring post match... and Y2J CODE BREAKERS SYTLES! AND THEN HITS A SECOND! AND A THIRD!


The crowd is HATING him for it. He grabs his Y2AJ shirt (which I hope you didn't purchase) and shoves it AJ's mouth.

Backstage, Renee Young tries to get a comment from Jericho. He says that everyone in Chicago, where Y2J debuted, is just chanting "Aj Styles." Well they're not any more.


Kalisto vs. Tyler Breeze

Tyler's hair is ON POINT tonight.

Really fun back and forth action early. Tyler gets control with a Super Model Kick onto Kalisto, who is jumping at him from the top rope. Kalisto gets control again with his roll through kick and a series of moves lead to a Salida del Sol for the pinfall.

Very short match, but it was fun for the brief amount of time they had.

Kalisto defeats Tyler Breeze via pinfall


They play a quick video package about Big Boss Man being chosen for the Hall of Fame.

Backstage JoJo interviews Kalisto. He talks about how excited for finally being at WrestleMania. He is interrupted by THE BIG GUY Ryback who asks why he doesn't have a Mania match. With all due respect to Kaliso, he doesn't know why people believe in small guys and not big guys like himself. He then encourages Kalisto to break up the Lucha Dragons because tag teams just hold you back.


#SocialOutcasts come out and do their "Now Trending" schtick. Bo Dallas talks about how he feels bad for Ryback for not having a team. Axel gets the mic and says "The Ax Man cometh!" and then does a chopping motion that the others join in on.

Ryback vs. Curtis Axel

Raw comes back with Ryback already beating up on Axel. Ryback hits the running high knee and then does for Go to Sleep motion. This gets a CM Punk chant from the crowd.

Having to run through the Outcasts outside slows Ryback and Axel gets advantage. Ryback gets the upper hand quickly again. He starts punching Axel and it seems like he may never stop. He mercifully stops and hits the Shell Shock for the win.

Ryback defeats the Ax Man via pinfall


Another replay of parts of the opening segment airs.

Backstage Vince is on the phone when he is interrupted by Stephanie. She expresses worry about what if Shane does find a way to win because Shane is fearless. Vince says he's "got this" but Stephanie asks what if he doesn't.


Bray Wyatt does a titantron promo saying that he will do what Ambrose can't on Saturday, defeat Brock Lesnar. Tonight he makes an example out of Dean.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray walks to the ring without any of the Family.

Dean has control early over Wyatt; however, a hard Irish Whip of Ambrose into the corner turns the tide. It goes back and forth quickly with Wyatt hitting a cross body block to gain back control as Raw goes to commercial.

Raw returns with Wyatt still in control. This continues until a double clothesline occurs on the outside, which comes close to leading to a double count out. Back in the ring, both men trade jabs. Ambrose tries his rebound clothesline but meets a clothesline from Wyatt followed by a senton for a near fall.

This soon again becomes a back and forth. Dean goes for Dirty Deeds, but Bray is able to slide out of the ring. Dean dives at him to the outside but Bray catches him in the set up for Sister Abigail. Dean breaks free but gets slammed into the barricade!

Back in the ring, Ambrose gets control with a rebound clothesline and then hits his flying elbow from the top. The Wyatt sound plays and the lights go out. When they come back on, the Family (Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strowman) is surrounding the ring. This leads to a beat down and the disqualification of Bray.

Dean Ambrose defeats Bray Wyatt via DQ

The beatdown continues for a bit and Bray hits Sister Abigail on Dean.

As they are celebrating/posing afterwards, Triple H comes down in his suit with his title. There's a moment when Trips gets in the ring that he's face to face with Wyatt and the crowd eats it up. Bray laughs and strokes Hunter's title before he leaves with the family.

As Ambrose is laying in the middle of the ring, Triple H takes off his jacket and slowly unbuttons his sleeves, preparing for another Ambrose beat down. Aitch leaves the ring to prepare the announce table for another beating. But when he gets back in the ring... DIRTY DEEDS BY AMBROSE!

Triple H is laid out as Dean Ambrose picks up the title.

End show.


That's Raw, folks. Thanks for watching it with us! Have a good night!

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