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Charlotte possibly injured at WWE house show

UPDATE: The champ says she'll be in action at Saturday night's house show, so hopefully all is well!

It's important to note that minor injuries are common place in wrestling, where performers are doing everything possible to get as close to actually hitting each other as they can. Most wrestlers are constantly dinged up. In an environment where WWE is trying to get better at protecting workers, stopping matches will become more common - and everyone is on high alert given the spate of injuries which started in the Fall of 2015.

That said, maybe can we carbon freeze everyone until WrestleMania or something?

Fans and industry observers are reporting that a match between Charlotte and Becky Lynch was stopped at a WWE Live show in Minneapolis tonight (Mar. 4) when a knee from Lynch looked to connect with the Divas champ's face, resulting in blood.

Again, this is far from official, and as with tonight's stoppage of another women's match at the NXT house show in Cleveland, we'll hope it was just a precautionary measure.

Charlotte, Becky and Sasha Banks are scheduled for a Divas title Triple Threat on April 3 at Mania.

We'll update you with more information as soon as we have it.

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