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Guess who Carmella credits for the rise of women's wrestling in WWE?


Two women main evented a NXT live show on WWE Network this year.

Next month, the Divas title will be defended for only the second time in WrestleMania history, and only the first where individual competitors will have an ongoing feud for the belt as opposed to a battle royal for the entire division (and, yes, the Divas championship has only been in existence since 2008 - but that's still only twice in nine years... and the track record for the Women's title was only slightly better).

So after a misguided start, things are progressing in WWE for women.

A rising star among NXT's female performers, Carmella, chatted with our man Ted Gruber over at Fansided recently. The Princess of Staten Island discussed her own rise from cheerleader and gymnast to pro wrestler, and from a valet/manager fans distrusted to a popular babyface in-ring competitor.

But Carmella also talked about the "Divas Revolution":

Well when I first started the Divas Revolution was just beginning. So to see how far it's come, such as [with] Sasha and Bayley with the match of the year, it's amazing. I have been put in a great situation where I was No. 1 contender for the Women's title. It's just that looking back on where I was and where I'm at now is mind blowing.

The fact that Triple H is giving us the opportunities to show the skills and talent we have is humbling and gives you the motivation to put on the best performance.

Whether or not you subscribe to the "political hit" theory, part of which attributes Roman Reigns' struggles to get over with some fans to his not being a Triple H guy, it's impossible to deny the image reinvention the Game has pulled off for himself over the last couple of years.

And it's because of things like this. Probably because it's true, but partially because he's their boss, the next generation of WWE Superstars are the leading acolytes of "based Haitch". So while they continue to become more popular, we'll be hearing more and more about how they owe their success to Hunter.

Hail to the King, baby.

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