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Big E says be on the look out for a big WrestleMania entrance for New Day

A lot has changed since New Day headed into Levi Stadium last Spring as unpopular babyfaces.

This will be Big E's fourth WrestleMania, and though he's often spoken highly of his first, working opposite Daniel Bryan & Kane with Dolph Ziggler & AJ Lee in New Jersey, he told Guide Live he's expecting this year to be the best reaction he's received at the show:

It's a big moment for us going in as tag team champions. This, I think, will be the best crowd reaction I've ever had - the hottest I've ever been as far as crowd reaction is concerned. We always kind of have a chip on our shoulder, and always want to prove that we're the best team going, so that's just another platform for us to demonstrate how good we are.

Considering that, the Princes of Positivity have something special in store for the Texas crowd... even if E is uncharacteristically pessimistic about whether it will actually happen:

We've already kind of started getting people excited about our entrance - which I've kind of wanted to temper expectations, but we had some media hits this morning, and Woods and Kofi were already telling people to look out for our entrance. So, I suppose our WrestleMania entrance is the big plan. There's a good chance that it all gets nixed, and people are very disappointed, but we have something cooking.

The big man's depressing take aside, my imagination really gets going when I think "big New Day" entrance. Riding unicorns? Across rainbow ramps? Played in by a full marching band of nothing but trombone players? Tossing Booty-O's into the crowd like confetti?

Your turn.

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