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Shane McMahon and Undertaker on the card for WrestleMania 'go home' show in Brooklyn

Strange rumor made the rounds yesterday (or "Observer Day" as many have noticed how pretty much every internet wrestling site parses out the just-released weekly Newsletter - subscription required but recommended - into a bunch of articles every Thursday), stating that Undertaker would not appear on any WWE television shows before WrestleMania. That his two line promo on this past Monday's Raw was to be his only appearance in the build to a Hell in a Cell match against Shane McMahon on April 3.

Strange because both Shane & Taker were already announced for the Mar. 14 Raw in Pittsburgh. And while, yes, "card subject to change" and all that, there's a difference between just being listed amongst a bunch of other names and having the venue's advertising open with "THIS JUST IN: Shane McMahon and The Undertaker will be LIVE".

Changes to the former is standard operating procedure. Going back on the latter is an invitation to giving out refunds.

Now, both Shane O'Mac and the Dead Man are also at the top of advertisements for Barclays Center in Brooklyn on March 28... the final live show before WrestleMania:

So, rest assured, we'll get more Phenom between now and Arlington, Texas.

But will it help sell folks on the story behind his match with the younger McMahon for control of Raw?

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