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WWE SmackDown Recap & Reactions (March 3, 2016): The A Show

This week's episode of SmackDown, airing on the USA Network on March, 3, 2016, comes from Atlanta, Georgia.  The WWE is building towards their WrestleMania 32 pay-per-view (PPV).  For full results and the live blog, click here.


Cockroaches and Dean Ambrose . . .

Dean Ambrose, the man who will face WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H, for the title at the next WWE special event, WWE Roadblock, started the show.  The former Intercontinental Champion showed the signs of the physical war he has been through the past few weeks as he entered the ring.  He got a steel chair to sit down and take a load off, since his body is essentially one big bruise.

Ambrose started by saying that he does not really set goals.  He is really a "fly by the seat of his pants" kind of guy.  Ambrose challenging the King of Kings last Monday was a part of his five second plan.  It worked out well this time as Ambrose has a title shot on March 12 against HHH.  He would then be the one defend the title at WrestleMania if he defeats the COO of WWE.  Ambrose essentially said that he is throwing a monkey wrench in all of the WWE's plans.  Who would he defend the title against?  Roman Reigns, who won the right to challenge for the title; Brock Lesnar, who Dean has a beef with; Or HHH, invoking his rematch clause?

Kevin Owens came out and complained that all Dean has done is get beat up but he has two high profile matches coming up.  Meanwhile, KO is the Intercontinental Champion and does not have a credible contender for his title.  KO got into the ring and proclaimed how much he disliked Ambrose.  He pushed Ambrose and then attempted to jump him but Ambrose ended up getting the better hand (because he saw KO try to sneak him from the JumboTron) and dumped KO out of the ring.  Ambrose challenged KO to a match right then but KO walked off.

Later in the night, Ambrose versus KO was officially announced as the main event.  These two men certainly are no strangers to each other.  Even before the match, Ambrose was selling the fact that he is hurt.  He could barely put KO in a headlock.  But he refused to back down and continued to fight.  He maintained control of Owens for a while.  But it did not take long for KO take over.  It was a bit easier simply because of the condition Ambrose is in.

Perhaps sensing that winning quickly would be a wise decision, Ambrose went for Dirty Deeds but KO smartly pushed him off and took a powder. The story of the match came to be KO just beating Ambrose up and Ambrose fighting through the pain.  Owens was doing a great job of keeping Ambrose down until he started jawing at the announcers, Ranallo in particular.  This lead to Ambrose regaining control.  He even used his aching body to take KO out.

Owens stopped Ambrose from going to the top rope and hit a huge cannonball on Ambrose but it only got a two count.  KO took Ambrose up to the top rope.  The two fought for control at the top.  KO got pushed down and Ambrose hits a flying elbow for another two count.  Ambrose went for another suicide dive but Owens caught him and sent him back first into the steel steps.

After the announce table was threatened, the action went back and forth in the ring until Ambrose countered a senton and then hit Dirty Deeds for the win.  Unless he is unconscious, never count out Ambrose.  He is truly a guy who will fight through anything to win.  You cannot get rid of him.  If a nuclear holocaust occurs, two things will survive.  One is Dean Ambrose.


The Champ, The Lass Kicker, and The Bo$$

Becky Lynch faced Sasha Banks in a rematch for the number contender to the Diva's Championship.  Their first match, this Monday on RAW, was a draw after a double pin.  The ladies started with technical wrestling, feeling each other out.  Lynch gained an early advantage and began to work Banks' arm to set up for her finisher.  Banks was able to fight out of it.  More counters and pin attempts followed.  It was very clear that both ladies are equally matched and both really want that spot at WrestleMania.

After a stalemate double dropkick, the Champion, Charlotte (along with Papa Flair) came down the ringside to watch the remainder of the match.  Sasha took control of the match, focusing her attack on Lynch's arms and back, which sets up for her finish.  Becky powered out and took over after two wicked lariats and a drop kick.  The Bo$$ countered for a bit but found herself in an exploder suplex, which got Becky the near fall.

Banks countered Lynch's momentum coming off the ropes into a double knee pin.  It got a two count.  Becky rolled Banks up but Sasha countered into the Bank Statement.  Lynch got to the ropes to break the hold.  A frustrated Banks looked up at the 'Mania sign for moment.  Lynch went for the Disarmer but Banks countered, which lead to double knees in the corner.  Lynch gained momentum again, killing Sasha with a lariat but only got a two count on the pin.

The ladies continued to fight and the action spilled outside of the ring.  Lynch and Banks took each other out with a double clothesline.  At this point, Papa Flair began to act like an idiot and distracted both ladies, setting up Charlotte to attack both women.  The match was called a double disqualification.  Charlotte continued her assault after the match, sending Becky into a barricade then suplexing Sasha on the floor.  She stood over both women, holding her championship on her shoulder before strutting out with her father.

After the match, Renee Young pretty much asked the Flairs, "What's up with that?"

God, I hate Charlotte.  You know what would fix her little, red wagon?  If Charlotte has to defend her title against BOTH Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

Oh, wait a minute, Renee Young just said that Charlotte will be facing both Banks and Lynch at WrestleMania 32 for the Diva's championship!  Ha-ha!  In yo' face, Champ!

Now can we get a stipulation where Papa Flair is banned from the entire building that night?  Please?

Also, Young was brilliant in her backstage segment.  Wanna see it?  Here it goes:


Simply Phenomenal

New Day came out to address their WWE Tag Team title match against Y2AJ on RAW this upcoming Monday.  Woods made sure to take a shot at the League of Booty before saying that it was a miracle that AJ Styles and Chris Jericho got a title shot.  But miracles, like Jell-O, happen every day.  But at the end of the day, New Day will still be our WWE World Tag Team Champions because New . . . Day rocks!

AJ Styles came out to the ring to face his opponent for the night, Kofi Kingston.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have now entered the portion of the program where Styles has a great match.  I know, shocking, right?  Anyway, Styles took control of Kingston early until Woods began to play the trombone.  Styles could not withstand the power of positivity, grabbing the trombone. He took Woods out with a plancha.

Kingston took Styles out with a baseball slide into the announce table after Styles was ringside, dealing with yet another distraction by Big E.  New Day is nothing but consistent.  They do whatever it takes to gain an advantage and celebrate said advantage in pure New Day fashion.  Kingston did a one man Unicorn Stampede then grinded Styles down with a sleeper.  Styles countered into a jawbreaker.

Kingston stopped Styles cold by tripping him as he ran off the ropes.  Kingston went to the top rope but Styles turned it into a back body drop.  Styles took over the match, hitting Kingston with hard strikes.  He got a near fall with a move that Mauro Ranallo called in which I have no idea how to write or pronounce.  But it looked cool.  Kingston got a near fall off of SOS.  Styles connected with a Pele Kick.  Kingston then sends Styles outside the ring.

Woods and Big E tried to interfere again but the referee ejected them from the match.  Styles recovered in enough time to hit a springboard elbow for the win.  After the match, New Day ran back to attack Styles but AJ eluded the trio and gloated as he headed to the back.


Other Matches/Segments:

  • The Usos versus Sheamus and Rusev of the League of Nations: LON got the victory thanks to Sheamus' Brogue Kick.  After the match, Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley attacked the Usos.  Also did not use the table they brought to the ring.
  • Dolph Ziggler versus the Miz: The battle of Cleveland natives continued tonight.  Ziggler got a quick pin to win, just as Miz had done this past Monday.
  • R-Truth and Goldust segment: Now Truth wants to be a team and Goldie is rejecting HIM!  I like this.
  • Wyatt Family promo: Bray Wyatt will face Brock Lesnar at WWE Roadblock. Wyatt did his Wyatt thing.  It is still official that we do not believe you, Wyatt.  And I don't even think more people would help at this point.


Final Thoughts/Opinions:


My apologies.  I have waited for this moment for quite some time.  As a fan of all three ladies to varying degrees, I could not be happier with how this story has played out thus far.

The rest of the show was really good as well.  I liked every match on the show.  People are beefing with each other left and right.  Although most of the direction is not clear, it does feel like each of the stories being told is leading to something.  What that something is cannot be entirely mapped out at this point but we do have some direction to go in and that's always a good thing.  SmackDown is the place where the real action is!

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

That's all for this week, Cagesiders!  What are your thoughts on the show?  Leave your opinion in the best comment section in sports entertainment!

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