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Dean Ambrose thinks Brock Lesnar might kill him at WrestleMania, a possibility he finds 'hilarious'

Interviews with Dean Ambrose are a tricky thing, as our own Bill Hanstock can attest. As Mick Foley once put it, Ambrose is a "unique type of cat".

Our pal Ted Gruber gave it a shot, and it seems like it was a bit of mixed bag. The Lunatic Fringe can go on a ramble that would make Terry Funk, a legend he says he's often compared to, proud.

During their chat, in the midst of a long response about his upcoming Street Fight with Brock Lesnar at Sunday's WrestleMania 32, Dean painted a picture of how he views the match:

I don't think people understand how the kind of mental state you have to be in to go into a Street Fight with Brock Lesnar. With 100,000 people at the arena and the millions watching on the WWE Network, I don't think I have gotten there yet. You gotta be like screw it and whatever happens, happens. I embrace the thought of living close to the edge. For me, it could be a long night but it could be the ultimate thrill or ultimate rush. I might be executed in front of the world and it's pretty hilarious. It's a crazy scenario and it gets me all excited just thinking about it.

The emphasis is mine, because I find that sentence hilarious.

I'm curious, though, about how Ambrose's fans view a quote like that (in the interest of fairness, let me state that I like Dean the character and performer okay, but he's not my favorite - and encourage you to check out the whole interview at FanSided to read the quote in context).

Is the man himself leaning too far into the "he's crazy, Maggle" characterization that some say makes it harder to take him seriously as a WWE title contender? Or is he just having fun with what is an inherently crazy concept like picking a fight with the Beast Incarnate?

Let us know what you think, and where you stand on this Mania bout, below, Cagesiders.

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