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John Cena's shoulder holds up well in a rousing Sticky Balls loss to Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show'

He didn't show up on Raw, but company man John Cena is out here hustling for WrestleMania 32 like he had a match on the card.

Sure, he also drops mentions of his upcoming Fox reality competition show American Grit, or his roles in big Hollywood hit comedies like Trainwreck, into his appearances on NBC's Today and Tonight Shows, but what else can the Face Who Runs the Place do whit his surgically repaired shoulder still on the mend?

If you watch the above clip of Cena running around a velcro set wearing a bright yellow velcro suit throwing red velcro balls at  game show Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon in a blue velcro suit, you might think that shoulder is in good working order, however.

Oh well, let's take it easy on the Champ. Not only did he lose his Sticky Balls battle, but Fallon also shaded his comedic chops during their interview segment...

Come on back to WWE, John, where everyone respects you.

All right, that's not true, but at least you don't have to lose.

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