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Kevin Owens is in favor of a WWE brand split to 'shake things up a bit'

Ever since Shane McMahon returned to WWE, there's been talk of the brand split, that concept whereby Raw and SmackDown kind of acted like different promotions from 2002 - 2011, returning to WWE television.

Mostly it's that Shane specifically mentioned wanting control of Raw. A little is probably attributable to his having run a "competing" promotion within WWE in the past. But when a few rumors and reports started to pop up that the company was actively considering revisiting the era of different rosters, fans latched onto the idea and its possibilities.

So did some wrestlers. Intercontinental champ Kevin Owens is one of them. When asked in an exclusive interview with Mundo Deportivo and Planeta Wrestling if he'd like to have separate brands, here's what he said:

Yeah, I think so. I think shake things up a bit and make for some very interesting situations and interesting match-ups that would create a different feel. That is not to say that eventually if the brand split were to happen, a couple of years down the line, mixing the rosters back up together would be interesting as well. I like when things get shaken up, I like when unexpected things happen. I feel like a brand split would be a bit of a chaotic situation, but I like chaos. I find chaos interesting and exciting.

Who's with him? More importantly, does having a savvy player like Owens co-signing the idea mean he thinks, or knows, it's coming down the pike?

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