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Neville selling a Finn Bálor Pelé kick like Buster Keaton highlights a great night of taking offense on NXT

The Mar. 2 episode of NXT on WWE Network was a great hour of selling.

And all kinds, too. From William Regal's facial expressions conveying embarrassment and rage that his newest free agent signing, Austin Aries, was assaulted by Baron Corbin during the big introductory moment the General Manager had planned, to independent wrestler Santana Garrett and developmental performer Steve Cutler demonstrating different ways to get your opponent over while being on the receiving end of squash.

For my money, Neville stole the show with the fabulous way he took a Pelé kick from NXT champ Finn Bálor in the main event:

Neville Finn Balor Pele

Is it theatrical? You bet. Would a person in a real fight react to being hit in that way? Maybe not.

But, one of the advantages of being in an athletic exhibition rather than an athletic competition is you can be creative with things like this, and use some stage tricks which add a little flair to the proceedings and ensure everyone in the house gets the message your rival just did something important.

It wasn't cartoonish, and I found it super-entertaining.

How bout you?

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