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A dumb story on WWE almost banning the Styles Clash

When AJ Styles made his way to WWE, there were questions regarding whether or not the company would let him use the Styles Clash. Those questions seemed silly at the time, but he's only ever hit it twice -- to finish off Curtis Axel, and a false finish in a match with Chris Jericho -- and he's taken to using the Calf Crusher as his main finisher.

So what gives?

The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) reports Vince McMahon found out Yoshi Tatsu had his neck broken by the move and "wanted to err on the side of caution." That's why the Calf Crusher became his primary finish after the Axel match, although after it was used successfully against Jericho "the move is now okay to be used."

Naturally, this caused some confusion:

At least as far as Meltzer's report is concerned, it was never outright stated the move was banned, just that there was some talk of whether or not Styles should be using it. Then again, there have been times WWE hasn't banned a move but discouraged its use.

It's likely we won't know either which way, and can only go off what we see on television. To that end, the Calf Crusher looks like his finish with the Styles Clash as a special.

Nothing to see here, move along.

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