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31 things that happened in WWE since Wrestlemania 31

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A lot can happen in a year, as one Wrestlemania opened. Championships are won and lost, alliances are formed and broken, and grand plans for the biggest show in company history are reduced to rubble. But a lot has happened in WWE in the last year. So much so, it's hard to remember it all. Or maybe you chose to block it out (in which case, good call; most of the last 12 months was a horror show).

But for the benefit of those that have tuned out since Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, I've made a list. Consider this your reintroduction to WWE, with 31 things that have happened since Wrestlemania 31.

DISCLAIMER: For this list, we're only focusing on happenings in WWE or WWE-related news. I tried to focus on the in-ring stuff, though there are some newsie-type stories in here. And of course, this is an incomplete list. There were at least 30 things I had to cut from the list to get it down to 31. So...sorry if I missed your favorites.

1.       Daniel Bryan retires. Everyone cries and no one knows what to do with themselves. Yet, the only story coming out of the retirement is a five-second confrontation caught on tape that nearly got Titus O'Neill fired.

2.       Sting, WWE Hall of Famer despite wrestling all of four matches for the company, retires. Maybe. Maybe not. But probably.

3.       AJ Lee retires, and this is what rained down on her during her final match. I'm sure it'll make an interesting final chapter for her book.

4.       Everybody sues WWE concerning concussion issues. Because of that, the curbstomp is banned, basically sending the signature moment of Seth Rollins' professional life into the ether. UPDATE: About those concussion lawsuits, insert Triple H "I Win" GIF here.

5.       Triple H is raiding your favorite indy: Uhaa Nation, Samoa Joe, Rich Swann and Biff Busick, Kana, Austin Aries, Shinsuke Nakamura, basically anyone and everyone you know on the independents is coming to NXT. And if they aren't, they will be.

6.       The World Wrestling Network partners with the former World Wrestling Federation.

7.       Making their WWE main roster debuts: Sami Zayn, Kevin OwensNeville, the Lucha DragonsTyler Breeze, and BigMac McSupersizeFries.

8.       On the women's side: Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks, three-fourths of the Four Horsewomen. It was awesome. Then they went and ruined it with the Divas Revolution. But first, they ruin it with Submission Sorority...

9.       Though some people went ahead and declared the "revolution" a failure when no one could unseat Nikki Bella before breaking the longest Divas title reign ever record.

10.   A-J STY-LES!

11.   Kana... or Asuka if you're nasty: frightening as fuck. You shouldn't be afraid of her. You should be terrified.

12.   Heading out: Devin Taylor, Cal Bishop, CJ ParkerBilly Gunn, Solomon Crowe, Bull Dempsey, and Brad Maddox. And Christian, who didn't even get a proper goodbye.

13.   Brie Bella's leaving this summer, maybe. So is Wade Barrett.

14.   Everybody gets hurt. Jey Uso, Hideo ItamiCesaro, Tyson Kidd, Sami Zayn, Rusev, Erick Rowan, Ryback, Sheamus, Bad News Barrett, Lana, Nikki Bella, Sting, Carmella, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan... never mind all those people. JOHN CENA IS ON THE DISABLED LIST.

15.   Hulk Hogan gets fired for being outed as a racist. Unrelated, maybe: Hulk Hogan, who may or may not have a 10-inch penis, gets paid when he beats Gawker Media in courtLike seriously paid, you guys.

16.   The two longest reigning AWA world champions both pass away: Verne Gagne and Nick Bockwinkel.

17.   Dusty Rhodes and Roddy Piper pass away six weeks apart.

18.   Roman Reigns wins the WWE Championship. Then loses it five minutes later. Then wins it back three weeks later. Then loses it again just over a month later. To Triple H of all people. And you wonder why nobody's getting behind this guy.

19.   One ex-WWE writer confirms what we're probably all thinking: WWE's divas are written to be just a bunch of catty chicks.

20.   Lana was projected to be the new female face of WWE...then she went and got engaged. Now everything is Lana's fault. Well, almost.

21.   That one thing you always wondered about Batista? We finally found out. From a mixed martial artist, no less.

22.   Future WWE diva Ronda Rousey, who had a cameo in Wrestlemania 31, loses to local athlete Holly Holm in perhaps the biggest combat sports upset since Barry Horowitz over Skip.

23.   Nobody watches RAW anymore. Nobody. Nobody watches Total Divas anymore either. Nobody watched the Tough Enough reboot. Hell, even Smackdown can't get an audience.

24.   The New Day will fight your kids to the death.

25.   Alexander Rusev: WWE world television champion.

26.   Bret Hart 1, Cancer 0.

27.   New Day unicorn headbands. You can wear dildos on your head now, kids.

28.   Mauro Ranallo joins Smackdown, immediately becomes WWE's best commentator.

29.   Tater tots was used in a promo on Monday Night RAW. Not surprisingly, nobody watched.

30.   The meaning of life will now be traced to this Salida del Sol from a ladder.

31.   Wins and losses don't matter. So why are we even here?

And of course, we have to mention this:

Of course, this is a partial list. I had to cut a lot of it out just to get it to 31. What were some of your favorite WWE-related happenings since Wrestlemania 31?