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Roman Reigns weighs in on fans that flip him off

The former two-time WWE champion was once again asked about negative fan reaction. He had a pretty entertaining answer.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns had a Q&A with the Orlando Sentinel on Sunday and, as per usual, he was asked about the negative fan reaction that he's been getting over the past year. In particular, he had some things to say about adult fans who feel the need to give him the finger.

(Emphasis ours)

Q: Why do you think you're still getting that negative reaction from some people? It seems like the most vocal people are mostly guys.

A: "I think there's a few different reasons why. You could name a bunch of them. I don't think we could actually put a finger on one and say this is the reason why. Typically if you hear the boos, it generally is grown men my age and I'm not really in this business for the grown men. (laughs) I'm in this business for the families. That's what we are; we're a PG product. We're a family-based product. We're here to entertain families and give them enjoyment. If you're a 30-year-old man and you want to flip me off at a kids show, then, hey, like I said, you paid your money but just be careful because you could get kicked out."

Reigns has been asked a lot about negative fan reaction recently and will only be talking about it more as he heads into his second straight WrestleMania main event. But this was certainly among the most entertaining responses to the question.

There's a lot more from Reigns over at the Orlando Sentinel, so go check that out.

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