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Believe it or not, AJ Styles just wrestled in Madison Square Garden for the first time - and you can watch!

When your resume looks like AJ Styles', it's hard to believe there are venues he hasn't worked.

But, as it appears to have been for Xavier Woods, take this cool video as a reminder there are doors only Vince McMahon can open in the world of pro wrestling, er - I mean, sports entertainment, and Manhattan's iconic Madison Sqaure Garden is one of them.

In the territory days, it was home base for Vince McMahon, Sr., the venue where he held the biggest Bruno Sammartino title defenses. As the other vestiges of that era faded, MSG remained an important venue for the company. It's become cost-prohibitive to regularly run television there, but WWE frequently holds house shows  and the occassional pay-per-view (PPV) or event.

Amazingly, a guy coming up on twenty years in the business, who's been the top guy for two promotions with global television presences, has never wrestled there. Until last Friday (Mar. 25).

Follow along as the Phenomenal One crosses an item off his "to do" list on the way to his first WrestleMania.

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