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Chris Jericho & Charles Robinson discuss their verbal altercation on Raw after Neville injury

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Two weeks, ago Neville broke his leg in a match against Chris Jericho. After the match, there seemed to be some heated discussion between Jericho and referee Charles Robinson about how everything went down. It got people talking and there was even a fan edited video trying to figure out what happened when and what was being said.

Recently, Jericho had Charles Robinson on his Talk Is Jericho podcast to discuss the incident. Early on, the men talk about how they are good friends and through all of the retelling, the mood is jovial. Y2J starts talking about how he learned about Neville's injury:

"He jumps up for a Frankensteiner, which... the finish of the match was gonna be a Frankensteiner where I stop him and put him into the Walls. He jumps up and goes for the Frankenstein and says 'finish' so I was thinking maybe he's panicking that we were running out of time. So he does it and then I take the bump because I'm like 'No, we've got plenty of time.' And then he covers me and says 'I think I just broke my ankle.'"

Although Robinson is suspicious, he isn't as clear about what's going on at that time:

"So I go over there [to the ropes] because I suspect that he's injured but I don't know. He could just be selling. And I'm asking him over and over and over, 'Are you hurt? Tell me are you hurt? Are you hurt?' I had no idea that he told you that... [he broke his ankle]."

Jericho figures Robinson knows so he's ready to just end the match. Being the ring veteran he is, he tries to do this while still serving the story being told. He tries to do so by pretending to care about Neville being hurt and then roll him up, but unfortunately, Robinson saw Neville's shoulder as up so he only counted a two.

Jericho goes on to discuss his thoughts after the two count:

"So I get up and I'm like 'this is really going south.' Because now people are going to start sniffing that something is wrong, so I push you... I'm thinking if I push you, you'll DQ me. Because at least we'll get a DQ. Because I"m thinking we have to get the spotlight off of Neville because I don't want this to be an really awkward moment where there's a guy down in the ring and the thing just kind of ends. I'm thinking 'If I push Charles, and he DQs me... then I can still kept this rolling.' Plus I was like, 'why the hell didn't he count to three?' It's a double whammy."

Robinson, still not fully knowing the status of Neville, said the push "totally threw me off guard" and said the push was "harder than Roman Reigns" earlier in the night. He admits he was a bit hot and knew Jericho was too:

"I was really mad at you. I knew you were mad at me because, Chris, I've seen your acting and you're not that good."

Jericho says that as soon as he got the DQ, he felt better about the situation and goes on to discuss their war of words in the ring:

"But then finally we got the DQ and you and I are arguing. And what I was thinking is if Charles and I can argue, they'll keep the camera on us. And meanwhile, I'm arguing...OK am I mad? Not really. I was just trying to keep the ball on us. But what we were arguing about was real. My attitude wasn't real."

In the end, while both men got angry at one point, there were obviously no hard feelings. It was a tense situation and emotions will flare. Giving the bad situation, it resulted in the best with what they could work. They ended the match quickly and serviced to keep the story going to get the spotlight off of Neville. A job well done by both men.

You can listen to the rest of the podcast to hear some of Robinson's story about how when he first met Ric Flair as a child or his stories about the life of a WWE referee.

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