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New Day vs. League of Nations at WrestleMania no longer a tag title match?

Several fans and sites around the net have noticed a change in how WWE is promoting the New Days vs. League of Nations multi-man match at WrestleMania 32.

The three-on-four affair was promoted with a Tweet from WWE's WrestleMania-specific account on March 18 saying the tag titles were on the line. That message has been deleted, and the verbiage on's match preview page speaks of "a battle for supremacy" and the bout being to determine "which team will assert itself as WWE's prime stable?"

This could just be a case of WWE Creative still being in the process of (re)writing angles and booking finishes, but another interesting wrinkle is Alberto Del Rio's status. We've known the Mexican Superstar has been dealing with a lower back injury for a couple months now, but he was pulled from house shows for the second straight weekend, and wasn't used on SmackDown (although he did work Mar. 21 Raw) - could questions about his availability be leading to changes in the match he's scheduled to be a part of in Texas?

Obviously we've got more questions than answers about a match which was supposed to play a big role in transforming New Day into one of WWE's top babyface draws.

Stay tuned.

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