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Brie Bella reportedly retiring sooner than planned due to Daniel Bryan 'health issue'

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Daniel Bryan being pulled from upcoming non-wrestling appearances for WWE has been documented, as has his wife, Brie Bella's intention to retire from active performing this Summer.

A report just out from Pro Wrestling Sheet links the two, and says that Brie is moving up her schedule for quitting wrestling because of whatever is going on with her husband. The former Divas champ will finish out her current program, likely with a five-on-five women's match at WrestleMania, and work her final Raw on Apr. 4 in Dallas.

There's no confirmation of what Bryan's latest "health issue" is specifically, but Ryan Satin specifies there is no "bad blood" between the Danielsons and their employers at WWE. Brie is expected to continue on with Total Divas and promotional work for the company, but focus on starting a family rather than travel with the regular wrestling shows.

Much speculation about DB's situation has focused on possible depression related to having to give up his dream job while still in his prime. While there's anecdotal evidence to support such a theory, there's been absolutely no indication from WWE, Bryan or his family that that's the case - or any word on what is going on if that's not the issue.

So, enjoy another couple weeks of Brie Mode, keep her and her husband in your thoughts & prayers, and we'll bring you any additional information as soon as we have it.

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