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Kevin Owens will only block you for being seriously disrespectful, like saying he's your second favorite wrestler

Believe it or not, this is going to be Kevin Owens' first WrestleMania. Given all he's done since showing up on Raw late last Spring, it seems like he's been around for a lot longer than ten months.

But next Sunday's Mania 32 - or KOMania, as he likes to call it - will be the Canadian's first time on stage at the Showcase of the Immortals. He talked about that, and a whole bunch of other things, in a great new interview on the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show earlier this week.

On Monday, Mar. 21, Owens learned that he'll be defending his Intercontinental title in Texas against six other men in a ladder match. His initial reaction to that news from Stephanie McMahon on Raw was shock, but he tells Washington, D.C. radio personality Dukes, he's making the most of it as part of his plan to ensure his " part on the show stands out and that people are talking about me when the nights over":

Well you know everybody gets really excited around KO Mania time, everybody wants to be a part of the first one obviously, the first ever KO Mania and the Intercontinental Title is so prestigious and I feel like for the last ten months I've been doing some pretty great things in WWE and I guess everybody's gonna wanna get a rub from me just by being associated with me and I guess some of these folks made the poor choice of trying to attack me, to try to make a name for themselves.

That's all well and good, people might think that being a seven man ladder match for the Intercontinental Title works to my disadvantage but it's just more bodies for me to attack with ladders and once I'm standing over them proudly with the Intercontinental title raised proudly above my head, I show everybody KO Mania's all about, I feel like all those guys will realize what a mistake they made.

That's some quality kayfabe self-promotion, but it's not even the best part of their discussion. That honor goes to his explanation for his Twitter blocking philosophy.

Owens is well-known for being a master of social media, with his takedowns of trolls being legendary and getting blocked by him alternatively feared as a way to be denied his humorous messages but also almost a badge of honor. His rationale for cutting people off on the service starts off seemingly really logical before veering into major heel territory.

It's basically the KO character in a nutshell.

I feel the key is, even though I will call some people out for the stuff they say about me on Twitter, I keep it as a respectful as I can and it's never unprovoked. I'll never go after somebody just for the sake of going after someone. If I tweet back at somebody, if I fight back let's say, it's because they started it and they deserved it and I feel like I'll never step over the line but I'll make sure that these people know that you can't just tweet at someone and think there will be any consequences and you can do whatever you want and everything's good.

I block lot of people. As many people I respond to, I block way more people. Like anybody that says anything that I feel is disrespectful in any way, I block. I've blocked people for saying I was their second favorite wrestler. You're blocked. Why are you telling me I'm your second favorite wrestler that's disrespectful I should be the first. If I'm not, don't tell me.

And a lot of people will come back and have their friends come and say, ‘Oh can you unblock this person he really didn't mean to offend you.' Well no and then I block that person too and it's a vicious cycle but I really enjoy it.

Go give the whole interview a listen - especially for his latest riff on AJ Styles' haircut.

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