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League of Nations now have more shirts than they have victories

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Rusev, who we can all agree is the greatest, is stuck in WWE's jobbers-to-the-stars stable League of Nations (not to be confused with WWE's jobbers-to-the-mid-card stable, Social Outcasts).

The Lads, as Ru, Sheamus, King Barrett and Alberto Del Rio have taken to calling one another, are picking up a few wins here and there as they're positioned for their WrestleMania showdown with New Day, but they're still not looking like a juggernaught who will unseat the Shield as WWE's most dominant faction ever.

Oh well, because at least they'll be looking good in new matching merchandise from WWE Shop:

Getting their own category on the company's online store is likely a sign they're not going away any time soon (although they may soon need a new Brit if reports are true). Which is kind of too bad, because it would mean these decent looking shirts would get marked down for quick sale sooner.

It's a basic, clean design I can get behind, and I really like the wrinkle of each guy getting his own distinct sleeve logo.

In fact, I like Rusev's enough that I may skip waiting for the sale, and just go get his tattooed on my arm:

Who among us hasn't wanted a tiny Rusev pressing the entire country of Bulgaria (helpfully labeled as such) over his head?

Get yours (the shirts, not my tattoo idea) here.

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