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The reason behind Sheamus' mohawk revealed

Also, how does he get those braids in his beard?

Four-time WWE World champ Sheamus has a history with late night funnyman Conan O'Brien.

It must be difficult for 6' 4" redheads of Irish descent to find one another, you know?

The Celtic Warrior was on O'Brien's TBS talk show again last night (Mar. 24) to promote WrestleMania 32, but also to goof around and reveal his wrestling and hairstyling secrets.

In the video above, Sheamus says that his current look is the result of a couple nights out drinking in Dublin during his 2015 injury rehab, partially motivated by the fact he looked like the muppet (and his kayfabe cousin) Beaker without the mohawk and beard... and that he wanted to best O'Brien for tallest hair on television. Plus, he reveals that someone else does his be(ard)-dazzling for him!

His "Kiss Me Arse" feud with Dolph Ziggler is also discussed, although the big Fella looks like he'd rather leave that in the past.

Below, you can watch Conan, Sheamus and Andy Richter discuss the wrestler's slightly-less-embarassing Dublin Street Fight with Damien Sandow, and continue the 'hawk-centric convo by helping the Ginga Ninja to his own version of the 'do.

Now, can we get Conan to join League of Nations?

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