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WWE SmackDown Recap & Reactions (Mar. 24, 2016): Most Dangerous Weapon

This week's episode of SmackDown, airing on the USA Network on March 24, 2016, comes from Boston, Massachusetts.  The WWE is just 10 days away from the WrestleMania 32 pay-per-view (PPV) in Arlington, Texas.  For full results and the live blog, click here.


The Woo Revolution?

The WWE Diva's Champion, Charlotte, along with her father, Ric Flair, started the show.  Becky Lynch was on commentary for the Champ's match against Sasha Banks.  Before the match, Charlotte stated that she would put an end to the Diva's Revolution at 'Mania and begin the Woo Revolution.  She talked about taking out Lynch and Banks and then started Woo'ing like a crazy person before Sasha Banks made her entrance.  As the match got underway and Banks took control, Lynch talked about taking both competitors' arms.  Just as commentary mentioned that Ric is a factor in the triple threat, Flair got involved in the current match, distracting Sasha long enough to allow his daughter to gain the advantage.

As the Champ grounded Banks, Lynch talked about how the three ladies know each other so well, which is why their triple threat match at WrestleMania will be so great.  Sasha fought back in the ring but Charlotte remained dominant until Sasha turned the tide with a double knee take down.  The action spilled out of the ring.  First Charlotte pushed Sasha into Becky and then Sasha pushed her again for good measure.  When the action returned to the ring, Charlotte went for the Figure 4 but Banks reversed into small package to pick up the win.

Immediately after match, Becky got into the ring and took out both ladies with suplexes.  Once she left, Banks took Charlotte out again with a backstabber.

Yeah, Charlotte, about that revolution . . . Good luck with that!


Intercontinental Fustercluck

Dolph Ziggler and Sami Zayn took on Kevin Owens and the Miz. Four of the participants in the seven man ladder match for Owen's Intercontinental title at WrestleMania did battle.  Best match of the night goes to these four men.   Ziggler took a majority of the punishment for Zayn to be the hot tag.  KO heeling on his own partner, Miz, was something to see.  At one point, he told Miz to take notes because he is better than him.  KO makes everyone hate him and it is just wonderful.

The finish saw KO abandon his partner yet again in a tag match.  This time, the other three competitors in the ladder match at WM-Zack Ryder, Sin Cara, and Stardust-came out to stop him.  Miz attacked KO, which led to Ziggler and Zayn taking Miz out for the win.  After the match, all seven men brawled and, lo and behold, Zack freaking Ryder was the one standing tall at the end.

Trust me, that is not a sentence I thought I would ever put into a recap in 2016.  What a world!


Lunatic versus Beast verus . . . Wyatts?

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman returned to the blue brand in the main event segment of the show.  Paul Heyman started by doing his usual introduction of his client, BROCK LESNAR!  Brock will guarantee fans a WrestleMania moment, such as when he conquered the Undertaker's Streak at WM 30.  Now Lesnar will face Dean Ambrose in a No Holds Barred Street Fight at WM 32.  Ambrose can use anything he can get his hands on to use against Lesnar, be it a chair, a crowbar, or a kendo stick.  And it is all legal.

Legends like Mick Foley and Terry Funk have given Ambrose things such as a barb wire bat and a chainsaw to use on Heyman's client.  Heyman says that Funk, Foley, and Ambrose's fans should pray because anything Dean can get his hands on, so can Lesnar.  More importantly, the Beast can get his hands on Ambrose himself.  Once Lesnar takes Ambrose to Suplex City and F-5s Ambrose, the WWE Universe will find out that Lesnar is the most dangerous weapon ever used in a WWE match.

Once Heyman was done flapping his gums, he called out the Lunatic Fringe.  Instead of Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strowman came out and circled the ring.  Ambrose's music hit as the Family attacked Lesnar.  Ambrose came out with a kendo stick as Brock took out Rowan with suplexes.  Once the Wyatts were disposed of, Ambrose went after Brock with the kendo stick.  Unfortunately, Brock withstood the blows and pretty much manhandled Ambrose,  planting him with an F-5.

The Beast ended the show standing tall.


Other Matches/Segments:

  • Sheamus versus Kofi Kingston: Sheamus won off of a distraction with the Brogue Kick.  Before the match, New Day called the League of Nations the Jar Jar Binks of the WWE.  That's a low blow, New Day.  That's got to sting.
  • The Usos versus the Ascension: The Usos squashed the Ascension in a very short match.  Afterwards, Jimmy and Jey put both Konnor and Victor through tables as the Dudleys watched backstage.
  • The Dudleys backstage promo: Bubba Ray and D-Von commented on the Usos.  As Bubba was talking about their family, Roman Reigns approached and took exception to what Bubba was saying.  A challenge was made and a match between Reigns and Bubba was set for later in the show.
  • Roman Reigns versus Bubba Ray Dudley: Reigns beat up the poor old Attitude Era star and was either disqualified or counted out.  D-Von ran out and got some, too.  So, I suppose the Big Dog just did his cousins' job for them.  No need for that WrestleMania match after all!
  • Golden Truth: Yes, Goldie, how many more times ARE you guys going to do this?
  • Kalisto/Sin Cara/Ryback backstage segment: I really, really, really want Kalisto to beat Ryback at WrestleMania.  Like so much.
  • Tyler Breeze versus AJ Styles: Styles defeated Prince Pretty in a showcase match for the Phenomenal One heading into the big event.


Final Thoughts/Opinions:

This show was packed with angles.  Kudos to starting the show with the women.  I feel as though Charlotte will lose her title in the triple threat but the WWE has done well enough with convincing me either Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch could walk away with the victory.  The New Day's shaming of League of Nations was actually way better than RAW (no surprise there really).  KOMania could be in jeopardy of turning into RyderMania, of all things.  The Usos and the Ryback are jerks.  Lesnar is a Beast.  And Roman Reigns totally saved the fans from having to see the Usos take on the Dudleys at WrestleMania.  Great show.

Rating: 9/10

That is all for this week, Cagesiders!  What are your thoughts on the show?  Be sure to sound off in the greatest comment section in all of sports entertainment!

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