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Dean Ambrose trains in the desert to find peace so he can go to war with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32

Dean Ambrose is the real star of WrestleMania 32, as we've seen on television for weeks and weeks now, and as videos like this so clearly illustrate.

"Today we are in Red Rock Canyon in beautiful Nevada, and we are in the desert. And it is hot. Brock Lesnar, at WrestleMania, No Holds Barred. Ultimately, the fight of my life. Really, life has been preparing me for this moment, since the beginning. I ended up working for a company called CZW, whose specialty is matches that really push the boundaries. That was the best forum for me to really get into who I am as a person and really bring that out. It's all about endurance and durability, being able to go and go and go and never stop, no matter how many times you get knocked down. Wrestling, traveling non-stop since I was 17. I've been preparing for the fight of my life since then.

"Out here in Red Rock Canyon, the red rocks they say the blood of Mother Earth, you're one with nature, where you came from. I hate the gym. Why would you want to be in a gym? You become one with Mother Earth out here because you're so alone so quickly. It's just you and the Earth.

"I prefer trail running to running on the road because you're running against obstacles, you're jumping over stuff, you're constantly dodging holes, rocks, and sticks. A bobcat might come out and attack you, who knows? It's much more exciting, gets much more adrenaline pumping.

"Rock climbing is the best full body workout you could do. You have to use your balance, your coordination -- it's a little bit of a thinking game; where you're going to put your weight, where you're going to put your feet. And it's dangerous, so you have that fight or flight response. The best part about training and being out here is it's so unforgiving. You can prepare your body and your spirit more and make you just durable from the inside out. Connect with your animal instinct, your survival instinct, and ultimately be at peace. And you have to be at peace on the inside to effectively go to war on the outside.

"That's why I like to train out here. It's a great place to challenge yourself mentally, to get yourself in just an unstoppable machine mindset. Brock Lesnar might break me in half, tear out my spine, and splatter me all over the ring. That might happen. But I am 100 percent at peace and ready to go to war at WrestleMania."

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