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Snoop Dogg might be playing Sasha Banks in at WrestleMania (not that she needs stuff like that)

Sasha Banks on Twitter

Earlier, Geno brought you news of Sasha Banks planned larceny of WrestleMania 32.

Which... of course. I mean, Becky Lynch and Charlotte might help , but the B0$$ is the one women in the Divas title Triple Threat with a history of stealing shows.

Later in the same interview with Rolling Stone, Banks was asked if part of her plans to "go big" with her character and WWE future might include a guest verse from her cousin Snoop Dogg during "Sky's the Limit". Sasha says it might happen - and maybe even on Apr. 3 - but unlike a certain Daddy's girl, she doesn't need it.

Maybe you should watch WrestleMania and you might see it, you never know! I don't need someone to walk me to the ring every week and hold my hand like Charlotte does, but Snoop can make an appearance once in a while. Some people need their daddy to hold their hand and walk them down to the ring, which is fine. Some people need fire to have an entrance, which is OK. But I'm a Boss. I don't need that stuff.

Personally, I like that she not only targets the Nature Girl, but also throws some shade Kane's way. Okay, maybe the "fire" reference isn't at the Devil's Favorite Demon... but I'm getting off topic...

Would the Long Beach legend spit CFO$ lyrics, or add his own? I bet Snoop could make lines like "and I've had visions; of sitting high on my own gold throne; never listening to criticism" work, but - my love for the song aside - it's not like it's come classic that can't be improved upon.

Could he recruit his "Bush" collaborator Gwen Stefani for the chorus, or would Sasha just sing that herself?

This whole conversation has me in a haze... any chance of this happening, Cagesiders?

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