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Sasha Banks after looking at the WrestleMania 32 card: 'I'm definitely gonna steal the show'

The Divas championship match at WrestleMania 32, a triple threat pitting Charlotte (the champion) against Sasha Banks (challenger one) and Becky Lynch (challenger two), has all the makings of a classic. If given the time, and considering the rest of the underwhelming card, it could very well steal the show.

That's exactly the thought Banks has, at least (via her interview with Rolling Stone):

"Have you see any of my matches boo-boo? I always steal the show, so it's nothing new for me. I actually look at the card and I go, "Wow, yes, I'm definitely gonna steal the show." I think this match is gonna open the doors for the women of WWE. This is a huge opportunity to show that not only can we hang with the boys, we can be better than the boys. I always want to have people talk about my matches. With this, I don't add extra pressure on myself, but for sure, I know we can do it."

We've seen her tear the house down in NXT in matches against both Charlotte and Becky but this will represent the first real opportunity for the women to have the best match on the card at a major event headlined by matches given far more promotional muscle.

Here's to hoping Sasha is dead on the money.

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