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WWE Network Roundup (Mar. 11-21): Roadblock, ECW, RAW Ruthless Aggression

By the time you see this, the complete ECW on TNN series will be up, as will most of Hardcore TV, essentially completing the good ECW era.

DISCLAIMER: I am not compensated in any way by WWE for bringing you this feature, nor should this be implied as an endorsement of its content. This is merely done as a public service to the Cageside Seats community, the best wrestling community in the galaxy.

The Big Stuff

  • The Network UI has been cleaned up a bit if you access it through a computer; instead of scrolling along to find the section you want, they can be accessed through drop-down menus now. Also, WWE's separated their English and foreign-language audio shows, so there's also that.
  • Chances are you may have missed it as it was on a Saturday night, but WWE presented another Network special with Roadblock. You can watch it here, or for Spanish-speaking audiences (or if you can't stand Cole, JBL, or Saxton), you can watch the Spanish feed here.

Usual Stuff

  • Smackdown #860 from February 11 features Chris Jericho and AJ Styles pulling double duty, Naomi versus Sasha Banks, Neville & The Lucha Dragons taking on the Cosmic Wasteland, and Why Dudleys Why.
  • Smackdown #861 from February 18 features Ambreigns versus The Dudley Boyz and Chris Jericho taking on The Miz.
  • RAW ##1186 from February 15 features Dean Ambrose defending his Intercontinental Championship against four challengers and AJ Styles challenges Chris Jericho. Plus Big Show vs. Brawn Strowman. BEEF ON BEEF CRIME!
  • Main Event #178 from February 23 features Fandango taking on the Black Sheep of the Wyatts, Braun Strowman, Ryback vs. Tyler Breeze, and Paige against Naomi. Plus highlights of Shane McMahon's return to WWE.
  • Main Event #179 from March 1 has Brie Bella, Paige, and Natayla taking on Naomi, Tamina, and Summer Rae in divas action, plus Ryback versus Heath Slater, The Ascension vs. The Lucha Dragons, and Stardust versus Zack Ryder.
  • NXT #325 features the matches that were pushed back due to Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe going the full previous episode, including American Alpha versus The Vaudevillians for the right to challenge for the tag titles, Bayley & Asuka versus Eva Marie & Nia Jax, and NXT at the Arnold Classic.
  • A new Superstars features Tyler Breeze taking on Zack Ryder and Natalya versus Summer Rae.

Replays and Stuff

Well, well, well. This is interesting. We have a few RAWs from the early days of Ruthless Aggression. All four are significant in the shows history, so if you have about six hours to clear out, give them a look.

  • RAW January 7, 2002: The 450th episode features the return of Triple H from his torn quad injury.
  • RAW February 25, 2002: Chris Jericho defends the WWF Championship against Kurt Angle, Stone Cold Steve Austin takes on Mr. Perfect, and Scott Hall with a wheelbarrow full of cinderblocks for some reason.
  • RAW September 2, 2002: The Big Gold Belt returns. And of course Triple H is the first wrestler to touch it.
  • RAW October 14, 2002: Triple H takes on Rob Van Dam in a lumberjack match, Booker T vs. Big Show in a hardcore match, and... Katie Vick.
  • RAW November 18, 2002: Shawn Michaels, world heavyweight champion. Words you didn't think you ever hear again, but that happened. The fallout from Survivor Series 2002.
  • RAW January 20, 2003: Evolution forms, Eric Bischoff's got a grand plan to turn RAW around, and we're getting another Triple H-Scott Steiner match?

Original Stuff

  • A new Edge and Christian Show is all about Spring Break. Plus a fake Eric Bischoff interview. The more recent episode is dedicated to Wrestlemania, or SportsEntertainmentMania as it will surely be called in the next few years.

Stuff from the Vault

There was SO MUCH ECW that dropped in the last ten days (the bulk of it being on March 16), listing them all would create a big wall of text that would probably make this post unreadable. But for the record, there are over 60 new episodes of ECW's hour-long shows, including Hardcore TV and the rest of the ECW on TNN run from 1999 and 2000. With that, every ECW from 1995 to 2000 is available for viewing. So if you feel like EXTREME binging, check it out here.

Wrestlemania's coming up soon. Who's going on a Mania binge this year?

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