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Chris Jericho is beefing with Shinsuke Nakamura on Twitter

Because all New Japan stars have to work with Jericho-san on their way into WWE, apparently.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

He's no Kevin Owens, but Chris Jericho's Twitter game has improved dramatically since his heel turn.

It's great because it's still very 90s-guy-in-mid-life-crisis-mode, using Bart Simpson comebacks like "eat my shorts" for fans coming at him in kayfabe.

Early this morning, a Twitter user who gives all of us a bad name taunted AJ Styles' nemesis by comparing him to another recent WWE signee from New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW):

In full, fan-baiting asshat mode, Jericho responded:

Enter Swagsuke, who's response was so cool it probably went over a lot of fans' heads (even many "smart one"):

That link takes you to a page where you can buy this Jushin Thunder Super Liger mask...

... which is appropriate because Jericho's moonsault, "ask him!" taunt and other elements of his act over the year are Liger staples. This was where I gave "smart" fans and Jerichoholics everywhere a bad name by missing that this is the mask Jericho wore in his late 90s stint in New Japan - a gimmick that was designed for him to feud with Jushin Thunder Liger, but that ended as soon as it started because he botched repeatedly during his one match in the mask, claiming he couldn't see properly. For the rest of his time in the company he worked without a hood.


Without any possible comeback, Jericho kept it heelishly lame:

And, knowing he'd already won, Nakamura just bowed out:

This is probably a bit of harmless social media fun, but it's worth remembering considering that (1) Shinsuke probably won't be exclusive to NXT for long, considering he's 36 years old, has a ton of experience, speaks English, etc and (2) Y2J is pretty much the perfect opponent for these incoming veterans, because he's got international experience and can help acclimate them to the WWE style while also being a name mainstream fans recognize as a former World champ who will put them over.

Who wants Jericho/Nakamura sometime in 2016?

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