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Hulk Hogan thinks it would be fun to have a WrestleMania match with Gawker founder Nick Denton

The latest phase of the Hulk Hogan redemption tour has begun, as Terry Bollea is making the morning show circuit to discuss his legal victory over Gawker for posting the sex tape featuring Hogan online without his consent.

This morning, he was on Good Morning America and spoke in alternately lofty terms about his motivations for suing the website:

I knew we were doing what was right, and even if we would have lost... it would have been good because everybody would have known what Gawker was all about, because I exposed them and what they do and how they look at the world, which to me is very, very scary.

And human ones concerning the tape and the life choices which put him in this position in the first place:

I don't agree with any of the stuff I did. Like I said, I can make a million excuses for it... I'm accountable, I did that. It's not fun to talk about, it's very embarrassing, it's not who I am.

The only thing I can say is I pray to God that people can learn from my mistakes, because I sure did. I sure learned.

There's also an anecdote (which would seem really bizarre if we hadn't already had an on-the-record discussion about the differences in penis size between Bollea the man and Hogan the character as part of this story) of what went through his mind when he found himself alone in the restroom with Gawker founder Nick Denton, which is half sitcom plot and half the latest example that some part of Terry believes the Hulkster legend:

'Bout the middle of the trial, I walk into the men's room and it's me and Nick Denton, by ourselves in the restroom with nobody, and my first thought was, what if he just falls down and holds his neck or something? Who are they gonna believe? The second thought was, if this was WrestleMania and he was in the ring with me, it was just me and him, wouldn't it be fun?

Mix that in with his Tweets and other quotes describing the first step in a longer legal process like a big win in a kayfabe feud and...

Check out the whole interview here:

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