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Rudo Radio episode 38, featuring Brandon Stroud

With Spandex editor Brandon Stroud joins us for lots of discussion about Lucha Underground, NXT and what Alex Riley smells like.

The one and only Brandon Stroud of With Spandex fame stops by to chat with us for a while. We talk about the Lucha Underground non-Temple show in Austin, the modern effect of WWE Network and being a fan and compare the cards for TakeOver and WrestleMania. Also, Alex Riley discussion. And a chainsaw.

Click below to listen now!

On this week's episode:

00:00 - Welcome special guest Brandon Stroud!
01:40 - RIP Luke Harper
08:31 - RAW: Great or terrible?
17:37 - The state of WWE and the WWE Network and the nature of modern fandom
28:01 - Daytime soap operas are just really well-booked apartment wrestling
29:29 - Dean Ambrose definitely has to use a chainsaw now, right?
33:06 - The Inaugural Everyone Hates Kevin Owens Ladder Match
37:37 - What does Alex Riley smell like?
42:20 - Let's talk about Lucha Underground live in Austin!
51:47 - Fénix is the champ and Aztec Warfare is going to be incredible
57:20 - Comparing the TakeOver and WrestleMania cards
1:25:44 - Whither Eric Young and Bobby Roode? AKA sorry, James Storm
1:33:06 - Good podcast, guys.

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