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Emma just joined a faction that doesn't make a lick of sense but who cares because EMMA!

Emma on Twitter


As Geno explained just moments ago, the Australian Diva just returned on Main Event.

And I am PUMPED.

If you don't watch NXT, you're probably saying, "what the hell is this dude talking about?" And I can understand that, because you probably think I'm talking about a woman who was greeted by crickets when she debuted on the main roster, marched around with Santino Marella in an unfunny comedy act and then got fired, re-hired and sent back to Developmental.

Setting aside that prior to her call-up, Emma (who's a Lance Storm trained wrestler and a hell of hand) delivered one of the matches which established NXT as the platform from which women's wrestling would return to prominence in WWE against Paige at ArRIVAL, what you missed was her 2015 return to Full Sail where she reinvented herself using her frankly disastrous time on the main roster as character motivation.

As a heel who felt disrespected at all levels of the company, the performer fans took to calling "Evil" (although I'll alway prefer "Dark") Emma came home and took her anger out on the ingrates in NXT's current women's division. In the process she demonstrated a new vicious streak to her ringwork while still maintaining a comedic edge, and played a major part in establishing one of the hottest acts on the brand in Asuka while also helping get future star Dana Brooke over with a skeptical audience.

Now, you're probably also saying, "but isn't her (re)call-up out of nowhere and not a recipe for success?" And I can understand that too, because you're probably thinking she's being inserted into the Divas equivalent of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, a way to get a bunch of women onto the WrestleMania card with little thought to developing a story. How else would you explain Emma being brought out by Summer Rae, with whom she had a dance-based beef during her last stint on the main roster, herself aligning with a character she was trying to impersonate and replace a few months ago, to face a team whose only connection is a 'reality' show with flagging ratings anchored by two women in Paige and Natalya who blew off a feud because they like to give each other eskimo kisses?

Can't really help you there, because I have the exact same concerns. But still...


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